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Window Safety Guards

Kids can't fly--so homes with children should strongly consider installing safety bars on windows above the first floor. Guardian Angel guards come in three sizes and are approved by the Boston Fire Department. Discount pricing is available for Boston residents or for rental properties located in Boston through the Boston Public Health Commission ; proof of residency or ownership is required for special pricing. 

  • Small fits windows 17" to 23" across: Public Price $55.00/Member Price $50.00/Boston Price $23.50

  • Medium fits windows 23" to 35" across: Public Price $55.00/Member Price $50.00/Boston Price $23.50

  • Large fits windows 35" to 58" across: Public Price $70.00/Member Price $65.00/Boston Price $30.25

Co-op Ice Melt

Research indicates that urea (a nitrogen fertilizer) is the most effective, environmentally non-toxic substance for snow and ice control. Co-op Ice Melt is a blend of granular urea and sand, which provides added traction on slippery surfaces. We also sell urea without sand.

  • 25 pound bag of ice melt: Public price $18.95/Member price $16.25

  • 40 pound bucket ice melt: Public price $32.94/Member price $28.00 (Return your empty bucket for a $3.00 credit)

  • 50 pound bag of urea: Public price $41.99/Member price $36.25


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