Staff Directory


Christian Caban, Reuse Center Donations
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Greg Caplan, Sales, Windows and Doors
617-442-2262, ext. 222 | Email Greg


Angie Cerruti, Reuse Center Sales
Email Angie


Marisa Delapa, Co-op Kitchens and Retail
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Vincent Dorio, Reuse Center Receiving
617- 442-2262, ext. 243 | Email Vincent


Pernell Jackson, Shop

Nancy Koch, Database Assistant
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Linda Lesyna, Co-op Retail Manager, Kitchen Designer
617-442-2262, ext. 223 | Email Linda


Deb Beatty Mel, Communications, Reuse Center Assistant Director
617-442-2262, ext. 235 | Email Deb


Abel Perez, Co-op Windows, Kitchens, and Retail
617-442-2262, ext. 225 | Email Abel


Miguel Perez, Reuse Center Sales
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Matthew St. Onge, President/Executive Director
617-442-2262, ext. 226 | Email Matthew


Angelo Santiago, Reuse Center Donations
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Patrick Shaughnessy, Kitchen Designer
617-442-2262, ext 224 | Email Patrick

Lindsay Tourijigian, Reuse Center Program Manager
617-442-2262, ext. 233 | Email Lindsay

Elaine Ward, Reuse Center Sales
617-442-2262, ext, 238 | Email Elaine



Antonio Williams, Reuse Center Donations