Window Restoration

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TLC for your home's original windows

Repairing rather than replacing your home’s original double-hung windows makes sense for many reasons:

  • Repair is more affordable than replacement

  • The energy savings from weather stripping and a high-quality storm window is nearly the same as replacement

  • Repair maintains the architectural integrity of your home.

Older double-hung windows are an important character-defining feature of your home. In many cases, original double-hungs have lasted more than 100 years and, with some tender loving care, they will likely last another hundred. BBR's products and workshops can help you maintain and restore older windows.


Window restoration products from our showroom

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Sash chain and cord

Sash Cord
from 22.88

Window weather stripping

Pulley Seals
from 3.50
Solid Brass Nails
from 14.04

Window hardware items

Sash Lock
from 1.89
Sash Lifts
from 5.31

Tools for window repair