Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Rick Ames is an architect and principal at Next Phase Studios, a Boston architecture firm specializing in green and sustainable construction. Rick’s projects run the gamut from local single-family homes to affordable housing to large commercial/institutional buildings. He is also an avid bike commuter. Rick has served on the board since 2010 and serves as Chair.

Abner Bonilla is a Roslindale native who lives and works in Roslindale as a postal carrier. He is committed to keeping Roslindale affordable for both long-term residents and newcomers. Abner also likes to travel around the world; he runs a blog called Trek New England.

John Douglass is a longstanding member of BBR. He has worked in the building trades for the past 40 years. His firsthand awareness of our dwindling natural resources and wasteful building techniques has fueled a lifelong commitment to renovation and reuse.

DeAnne Dupont worked for many years in the financial services sector and is a certified public accountant. Her passion for protecting the environment and reducing waste led her to become president and cofounder of Food Link, a food rescue organization based in Arlington, where she now brings her knowledge of finance and operations to the nonprofit world. DeAnne has been a BBR board member since 2016 and serves as Treasurer.

Ann Finnerty is a residential architect. She is a sole practitioner with 30 years of experience working on projects ranging from additions to new construction, from small to large in scope and from urban to rural in setting. The reuse of building products is a keen interest of hers. Ann has served on the board since 2007 and is Co-Clerk.

Marcia Peters is retired after serving as Senior Clinical Instructor at Harvard Law School and Housing Law Consultant to Nuestra Comunidad Community Development Corporation. She originally joined the Co-op board after doing a kitchen over with John Rowse’s help 27 years ago. In addition to bringing a valuable legal perspective, Marcia is a champion of reuse who has five composters, four rain barrels, and has bought and donated many Reuse Center items over the years. She has been a board member since 1994 and serves as Co-Clerk.

Nick Pieri worked with Pine Street Inn for several years doing job training and leading a construction-related social enterprise. He currently works for Thoughtforms custom home builders, where he manages the woodshop. Nick is passionate about energy efficiency, sustainability, and reuse in the construction industry.

Rashmi Ramaswamy is an architect with a passion for reuse. She hails from Chicago, where she was a founding board member of the Reuse Exchange, a building materials reuse organization very similar to our Reuse Center. She has already made her mark locally through her design work for the Y2Y shelter for homeless youth, where many donated materials were incorporated into the space. She joined the BBR board in 2016.

Sonia Singh is a real estate agent and senior research analyst for the City of Boston. She moved to Boston in 2015 from Portland, Oregon, where she completed her master's degree in urban geography. Sonia advocates for affordable housing with the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance and recently purchased a condo in Hyde Park.  She joined the board in 2018.

Marsha Smith is retired after working for many years as a teacher at the John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science, one of the Boston Public Schools’ exam schools. A Roxbury resident, Marsha has been a board member since 1999, and is a frequent customer as well.

Sally Zimmerman is senior preservation services manager at Historic New England, staffing the Historic Homeowner Program. Sally has worked at the Cambridge Historical Commission and also at the Massachusetts Historical Commission. She has led workshops at BBR that focus on historic home renovation and paint color selection.