Tradesperson Referral File

One important benefit of BBR membership is access to our tradesperson referral filea list of quality home improvement contractors to which only members have access. We match contractors with the specific home improvement needs of our members. Some of the contractors listed with us gain a considerable percentage of their work through the file. We welcome qualified contractors to join our community and to add their name to the tradesperson referral file.

Most people who join BBR are truly motivated to care for and to improve their homes. We do our best to educate them about the remodeling process before giving out referrals, which is an effort to prevent both members and contractors from wasting their time.

Boston Building Resources considers it important that contractors follow accepted business practices, including promptly returning phone calls, even if it is only to say that you cannot do an estimate or job until sometime in the future.

Fee to Join

The fee to join the Tradesperson Referral File is $ 75.00 per year. This includes also all BBR standard membership benefits.

Discounts are available for contractors who teach workshops at the BBR. Teaching involves sharing your skills with a small group of 8 to 15 people who want to learn the basics of home repair and maintenance. These workshops are generally held on Saturday mornings. 

Application Process 

  1. Complete and submit the form 
  2. Pay the $75 application fee
Tradesperson Application Fee
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After you've filled out the application, be sure to pay the application fee, by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above.