A Dream Kitchen for $3,000

A Dream Kitchen for $3,000

November 2016—The overwhelming snows of January and February 2015 caused significant damage to Patricia Cerrato's Hyde Park home. Ice dams formed and melting snow soaked the insulation and wallboard. In the wet areas, mold started to grow. With a settlement from her insurance, she set out to make repairs.

The big-box home improvement retailers quoted $37,000 and $42,000 for cabinetry, not including installation. So, she began stopping by the Reuse Center at BBR several times per week looking for newly donated cabinet sets. The $3,000 walnut set includes pullouts, dovetail drawers, and enough space for items she had previously stored in boxes. Patricia also purchased many doors (new, donated by a lumberyard) as well as molding, a bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet, and flooring for her office space.

This three-minute video tells more of her story.

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