Top Five Reasons to Repair Your Windows

Why repair a home's older windows when you could replace? Here are some good reasons from Massachusetts window restoration contractor Alison Hardy, founder of the Window Preservation Alliance.

5. Because you love antique glass.

Besides the characteristic wavy look of older glass, modern insulated glass inevitably fails sooner or later.

4. Because you value good materials.

Old window sashes are made from old-growth lumber, an irreplaceable resource. Old windows were designed to be repaired. If a piece fails, it can be fixed, unlike modern windows.

3. You really can save on heating costs.

While there will always be some air infiltration around the window (it’s designed to open, after all), Alison’s experience has been that windows are often blamed for unrelated, more problematic leaks. “If you don’t seal the floor, it doesn’t matter how efficient your window is,” she says.

2. Because you want more light.

Replacement windows are “boxes” that fit inside the openings where the original windows were. The replacement window’s outer frame cuts into the opening and leaves fewer square inches for natural light.

1. Because your windows fit your house.

Having the original windows will preserve your home’s appearance as it was originally designed.

See even more reasons on the Window Preservation Alliance's website: "Top Ten Reasons to Restore or Repair Windows."