Prepare Your Rain Barrel for Winter

The rain barrels Moby and Ivy are not designed to withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles while filled with water and will likely break if this occurs. The warranty on the barrels specifically does not cover damage resulting from freezing, so it is necessary to properly winterize Moby (pictured) and Ivy.

In cold climates such as New England’s, the rain barrel should first be drained and then detached from the gutter to prevent any water from getting inside. The cut downspout should be reattached and the elbow placed at the bottom.

The barrel should then be stored in an enclosed area (garage, basement) where no water can get in. If there is no enclosed area, it can be stored outside as long as it is flipped upside down.

By weatherizing Moby and Ivy, you will keep them in good condition so they can be put back into service in time for the spring rains.

—Kelly Gallagher