Celebrating Earth Day with One-Day 10%-Off Sale

To celebrate our environmental values, Boston Building Resources will have a one-day sale on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017, with 10% off all in-stock items.

The discount will apply to stock items that help homeowners conserve energy and water—such as window and door weather stripping, rain barrels, pipe insulation, LED light bulbs, wood repair epoxy, and plaster repair products. Special-order items such as storm windows or kitchen cabinetry are not part of the sale.

All products at BBR’s Reuse Center will also be discounted by 10%. The reuse of good-quality building materials benefits the environment by preventing needless waste and by conserving the embodied energy used to manufacture and transport the materials.

Environmental values have been at the heart of Boston Building Resources’ business since it was established in 1978 as a source of affordable insulation to help homeowners cope with skyrocketing home heating costs. BBR has continued to focus on products, knowledge, and skills related to resource conservation and reduced climate impact. The company also runs its own business in an environmentally friendly way by recycling, implementing energy efficiency, and using solar power.

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 to raise awareness of a broad spectrum of environmental issues, from pollution to endangered species to renewable energy and global warming.

Anyone looking to make their home more energy efficient, or just make it a better place to live, is invited to join us on April 22 to get started on spring projects while saving 10%.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Sale pricing is limited to items in stock on April 22. If we run out of stock on that day, we cannot hold the sale price for future purchases after restocking.

  • Reuse Center items purchased for the sale price must be taken away at the time of the sale. This includes even large items, such as cabinet sets.

  • If an item’s price has already been reduced, the 10% Earth Day discount will be applied to the lower price. For example: an item originally priced for $100 has a time-based discount of 50%, making it $50. Purchased on Earth Day, we will take 10% off the $50 price for a final price of $45.

  • Non-material purchases, such as membership and workshop fees, will not be discounted.