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Homeowners interested in making their homes more energy efficient should take a look at air sealing and insulation projects that have relatively low cost, can often be done yourself, and will pay for themselves quickly in reduced energy costs. Water-saving products can pay for themselves in reduced water bills.

Air sealing and insulation have been compared to a windbreaker and a sweater. Air sealing, the “windbreaker,” stops the flow of air through gaps and cracks, keeping warm air inside your home and reducing uncomfortable drafts. Insulation is the “sweater” that reduces heat being lost by conduction from ceilings, walls, and pipes.


Weatherization and conservation products from our showroom

Prices listed are public (non-member) prices and do not reflect the BBR member discount.

Plaster repair

Repair your plaster walls instead of the costly, messy process of replacing the plaster with gypsum wallboard.


Air sealing products

Weather stripping and more

Rope Caulk
from 3.49
Spring Bronze
from 39.99

Water-saving toilets


Other water savers



Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation white bkgd.jpg

Available for purchase in-store. A great deal of heat can be lost between a home's boiler and its living spaces. If you have a warm basement, pipe insulation will help reduce your heating costs by keeping the heat in your pipes until it arrives at your radiators. Our 1"-thick fiberglass insulation is beefier than that found elsewhere. It has an outer foil jacket and comes in 3-foot lengths in a variety of diameters. You can borrow our pipe gauge to measure and order correctly, as pipe sizes are measured by internal diameter. For steam or hot-water heating systems. 

Comes in eight different iron pipe sizes. Insulation is priced per piece, and each piece is three feet long. 
1/2" : Public price $5.70 / Member price $4.65
3/4" : Public price $6.15 / Member price $5.10
1": Public price $6.60 / Member price $5.55
1 1/4" : Public price $7.05 / Member price $6.00
1 1/2" : Public price $7.50 / Member price $6.45
2" : Public price $7.95 / Member price $6.90
2 1/2" : Public price $8.85 / Member price $7.65
3" : Public price $9.45 / Member price $8.25


Rain Barrels

We keep rain barrels in stock year round.  Available for purchase in-store. 

Ivy Rain Barrel

The Ivy rain barrel holds 50 gallons. Forest green barrel is made with 50% recycled HDPE plastic and includes all components needed to start harvesting rainwater. Locking lid, two overflow ports to allow you to link multiple barrels together, and screened inlet to keep out mosquitoes. Measures 42.5”H x 22” diameter. Made in the USA. Public price $112.00 / Member price $95.20

Moby Rain Barrel

This whale of a rain barrel holds 65 gallons to keep your garden and other plants well hydrated. The brass 3/4” spigot easily connects to a standard garden hose. Childproof locking lid; two built-in overflow ports to direct water away from your foundation and to link additional barrels. Bug-proof screen keeps out mosquitoes and other pests. Measures 39” high, 29” in diameter. Lid comes off for nesting and storage. Made in USA of 100% recycled plastic. Public price $172.00 / Member price $155.92

Home Composting

Compost bins and scrap buckets are available year-round, for purchase in-store.

earth machine for web.jpg

Earth Machine Compost Bin

Made of rigid plastic, the Earth Machine has an 80-gallon capacity. Lid twists to allow for ventilation control. A sliding door at the base allows for continuous compost removal. The top half of the bin can also be removed, allowing access to the pile with less lifting. Base diameter 30", height: 34". Available to members and the general public for  $56.00

new age comp for web.jpg

New Age Compost Bin

With a capacity of up to 180 gallons, the New Age Composter works well with yard waste, larger gardens, and grass clippings. It is made of a flexible material so the diameter can be adjusted at setup. Cone-shaped bottom draws air in through bottom of the pile, and perforations in the top allow water to trickle into the compost. To access the finished compost, the entire sidewall is lifted up from the pile. Base diameter 30–41", height: 32–44".  Available to members and the general public for $71.25

Kitchen Scrap Bucket

Sure-Close scrap bucket has many features to make composting easier. A vented lid allows moisture to evaporate, reducing odor-causing bacteria. The lid stays open, locks closed, and can be removed for cleaning. Easy to grip; wide opening makes it easy to scrape food in. Available to members and the general public for $10.

Efficient bulbs and fixtures

Bulbs can be purchased in-store only and are subject to per-transaction maximums.

Learn more about LED and CFL bulbs in our article, "More Light than Heat."

LED PAR 38 Outdoor Flood

This LED floodlight is suitable for outdoor fixtures located in areas that are exposed to moisture. It uses just 17 watts, but has the equivalent illumination of a 150W incandescent (1,300 lumens). It is dimmable, has bright white light (3,000K), and will last an estimated 25,000 hours.  Price $10.00

LED Single Bulbs

Dimmable bulbs for indoor use are available in 11 watts (replacing 75 watts) and 15 watts (replacing 100 watts). Price $1.99 each

led greenlite.jpg

LED Omnidirectional Round Top, 4-Pack

These bulbs give the same light as a 60-watt incandescent (800 lumens) using 9 watts. Omnidirectional bulbs have the traditional shape and will work in most indoor fixtures. They are dimmable and last 25,000 hours -- that's almost 23 years at 3 hours per day. Price $3.99

led outdoor lantern.jpg

LED Outdoor Lantern

Wall-mount exterior lantern has traditional styling and modern efficiency. Black with crackle glass, it includes a dusk-to-dawn sensor and uses just 10 watts.  Price $14.99

LED Omnidirectional Flat-Top, Single Bulb

This dimmable LED is the equivalent of a 40-watt incandescent. Price $1.99



LED Indoor Floodlight, 2-Pack

These LED floodlights are perfect for recessed "can" fixtures. They emit 670 lumens (equivalent to a 65-watt incandescent) using just 9 watts. Used three hours per day, they are projected to last more than 20 years. Price $3.50

LED Indoor Floodlight, 4-Pack

These LED floodlights are perfect for recessed "can" fixtures. They emit 650 lumens (equivalent to a 65-watt incandescent) using just 8 watts. Used three hours per day, they are projected to last more than 20 years. Price $3.99

LED Globe Bulb Three-Pack

Efficient LED technology in a decorative spherical shape, this bulb is perfect for bathroom vanity light bars and other exposed-bulb fixtures. It gives off 450 lumens: the equivalent of a 40-watt bulb, but using just 6 watts. Price $4.99