Boston Building Resources

Reuse Center

Best of Boston Home logoThe Reuse Center at Boston Building Resources is a source of some great bargains and an ever-changing treasure trove of materials. Full cabinet sets, appliances, windows, doors, sinks, flooring…you’ll find gently used and new items to help you improve your home affordably. All of our materials have been donated, and most are one of a kind.

Anyone can shop at the Reuse Center. Additional discounts are given to Plus members: people who meet our income guidelines as well as other nonprofit organizations. Standard members and the public will pay slightly higher prices, but the extra income helps the nonprofit to be self-sustaining as it carries out its mission. Sign up for our weekly Short News e-newsletter if you would like to receive updates on new or featured items.

The Reuse Center has automatic markdowns. The longer a product has been on the shelf, the greater the discount:

  • After 3 weeks, deduct 10%
  • After 4 weeks, deduct 20%
  • After 5 weeks, deduct 30%
  • After 6 weeks, deduct 40%
  • After 7 weeks or longer, deduct 50%

To get your creativity flowing, take a look at our photo gallery of customer projects. We also offer workshops where you can learn how to do some projects yourself.

EarthShare logoThe Reuse Center at Boston Building Resources is charitable nonprofit organization that helps people improve their homes while keeping reusable materials out of landfills. Your purchases help support both of these goals. If you have questions that are not answered on our Web site, please feel free to call us at 617-442-2262 (press 3).


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