Compost Crank (store pickup only)

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Compost Crank (store pickup only)


The Compost Crank® is the easy, fast, and fun way to tend your compost bin. It penetrates any material like an auger. Crank the tool into your compost clockwise and lift without turning. Material clings to the spiral, pulling compost up from the bottom. You can thoroughly mix and aerate, or move material to active areas of the pile. The tool is easy for anyone to use and reaches every corner of the bin. It is also lightweight, so you are lifting the compost and not the tool. The free-spinning handles are molded to fit comfortably in your hands, and make the “cranking” motion a breeze! No jabbing, pushing, or prying necessary.

Made of sturdy 3/8 inch solid round stainless steel bar.

Weight: 2 pounds

Length: 45 inches

Working depth: 29 inches

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