Big Wally's Plaster Magic (Accessory Pack)


Big Wally's Plaster Magic (Accessory Pack)


Big Wally’s Plaster Magic is the perfect solution for your cracked plaster walls or cracked plaster ceilings.

The most vexing problem with plaster is that it can crack or become loose from its wood lath. Big Wally’s Plaster Magic solves this problem by reestablishing a solid yet flexible bond with a conditioner plus adhesive.  Big Wally's Plaster Magic® guarantee will not be honored if our instructions for its use are not followed as stated. Big Wally's Plaster Magic® Adhesive must be used in combination with Big Wally's Plaster Magic® Conditioner. Failure to follow the directions could render unsatisfactory results.

Accessory Pack:  Sometimes you just need some more of the small stuff. This is the kit for you.
No Adhesive, Conditioner or gloves are included in this package.

  • 25 plastic clamps
  • 25 screws


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