Which Home Compost Bin Is the Best Choice?

Boston Building Resources has two different home compost bins available: the Earth Machine and the New Age Composter. Many customers ask about the differences between the two so they can make the best choice.

earth machine compost bin

Earth Machine

  • Capacity: 80 gallons

  • Base Diameter: 30 inches

  • Height: 34 inches

The Earth Machine is ideal for a small urban garden. It can handle kitchen scraps and garden debris. Made of rigid plastic, the Earth Machine lid twists to allow for ventilation control.

This model provides the best access, with a sliding door at the base to allow continuous compost removal. The top half of the bin can also be removed, allowing access to the pile with less lifting.

For pest prevention, the bottom panel and base can be secured with ground screws. The access door may also be secured to prevent pests. (The best way to prevent pests is to keep all meats, fats, and table scraps out of the compost.)

new age composter

New Age Composter

  • Capacity: Up to 180 gallons

  • Base Diameter: 30–41 inches

  • Height: 32–44 inches

With its larger capacity, the New Age Composter works well with yard waste, larger gardens, and grass clippings. It is made of a flexible material so the diameter can be adjusted at setup.

Good ventilation is this model’s strong suit. The cone-shaped bottom draws air in through bottom of the pile, speeding aerobic activity. Perforations in the top allow water to trickle into the compost.

To access the finished compost, the entire sidewall is lifted up from the pile, and a new pile may be started elsewhere.

For pest prevention, the sides and bottom cone may be secured to the ground with stakes.

Whichever one you choose, composting will reduce organic waste and generate compost that you can use to enrich the soil in your garden, around shrubs, and anywhere else plants are growing.