Boston Building Resources Signs On as Supporter of Upcoming Reuse Conference

As the nation celebrates Earth Day, Boston Building Resources is announcing its role as a supporter of ReuseConex, an international conference aimed at benefiting the environment by promoting reuse. The biennial event, coming to Boston this October, will feature an array of speakers, workshops, exhibits, and other special events .

While reuse is commonly confused with recycling, its focus is quite different. Recycling is a way of discarding items so they don’t end up in a landfill—such as melting them down or grinding them up to be made into different products. Reuse is focused on not discarding the items at all, but using them in their current state.

The Reuse Center at Boston Building Resources is one type of reuse organization; others include thrift shops for clothing and furniture, refurbished technology stores, and more. Reuse prevents good-quality materials from ending up in landfills, allows items to be sold affordably, and makes the most of the raw materials and energy that have already been invested in producing an item. Reuse benefits the environment, the community, and the household budget. 

ReuseConex 2016 will convene October 16–19 at the Holiday Inn Boston Bunker Hill. The event will allow leaders from businesses specializing in reuse to learn from speakers, panelists, experts in the reuse industry, and each other. Attendees will include reuse operation managers, environmental educators, economic development leaders, environmental activists, eco-entrepreneurs, green builders, creative reuse practitioners, sustainability consultants, venture capitalists, as well as recycling coordinators for corporations, government agencies and universities, and concerned citizens.

Additionally, the conference will include events open to the public, such as a screening of the film Reuse, Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet and a fashion show that highlights reused materials. 

Registration is now open for ReuseConex, with an early-bird rate available through April 28. Produced by the Reuse Institute, the Boston event follows previous gatherings in Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; and Raleigh, North Carolina. Co-host for the event is the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

In addition to Boston Building Resources, other event partners and supporters include Bay State Textiles, Casella Resource Solutions, Center for EcoTechnology, Connecticut Department for Energy and Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection Agency Region 1, Extras for Creative Reuse, Harvard University, iWasteNot Systems, Morgan Memorial Goodwill, New England Grassroots Environment Fund, Northeast Recycling Council, SCRAP USA, and The Scrap Exchange.

“ReuseConex will be a perfect chance to showcase the Massachusetts sustainability ethic,” said MaryEllen Etienne, CEO of the Reuse Institute. “Not only does Boston have a community that encourages its citizens to do their part towards climate protection through resource conservation, it is also home to a wide range of reuse-oriented firms, such as building material salvage centers, computer remanufacturers, consignment shops, furniture refurbishers, and reclaimed-material artisans. Boston has the reuse ‘know-how’ to host a spectacular experience for conference guests from all over the world. We look forward to shining the reuse spotlight on Boston.”

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