Globe Magazine Article about Environmentally Friendly Kitchens Strikes the Right Chord

A Boston Globe article, published online September 3 and in the Globe Magazine on September 7, offers readers “25 ideas for an environmentally friendly kitchen.” We agree, and thank the Globe staff for making many important points.

Reuse Center

Boston Building Resources is named as a source of used materials for a kitchen remodeling project. The Reuse Center at BBR is indeed a good place to find cabinet sets, countertops, sinks, windows, doors, tile, and other materials that are waiting for a second good home. Remodelers can also consider donating good-quality reusable materials that are being removed during a renovation to pass them on to someone else.

New kitchen cabinetry

For remodelers ordering new cabinets, the semicustom cabinetry and kitchen design offered through the co-op at Boston Building Resources is in sync with the environmental principles outlined. Here are the points from the article that especially resonated with us:

“Take your time planning”Linda and Kim, BBR’s kitchen designers, are known for helping members think through the process, and the many variables involved, in order to get it right the first time.

“Make it ageless” –BBR does not sell the cheapest cabinets, which you may find in big-box stores, because we don’t believe they are a good value or have a long life. The manufacturers we work with provide good quality, a fair price, good customer service, and reliable lead times, all of which will help your order and your installation go smoothly.

“Toxins, out” – Options for no added urea formaldehyde and low-VOC finishes are available from most of our cabinet manufacturers.

“Shop local” – All of our cabinet manufacturers are located on the East Coast, with two of our seven cabinet lines (Imperia and Purekitchen) made right here in Massachusetts. Cabinets from Young Furniture are made in New Hampshire; Candlelight Cabinetry is made in upstate New York. CWP and New River Cabinetry are in Virginia.

“Green cleanup” – Part of the kitchen design process at BBR is a conversation about how you live and cook. That will help you design a kitchen that minimizes clutter, includes space to store appliances, and accommodates compost.

“Choose top counters”Both Cambria and Richlite counters are available at BBR, as well as many other options.

"Make space for green food" – Incorporating a garden window in the kitchen will allow you to grow herbs, veggies, and seedlings as well as flowers or hobby plants.

“Seek good wood” and “Finish strong” FSC-certified wood doors and water-based finishes are available from BBR.

To read the entire article, written by Christie Matheson, click the link below:

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