Fall Homeowner Projects

Now that fall is here, these projects will help you keep your house in shape for the season.

Weather-strip a door

To prevent heat loss, weather-strip any door in your home that leads from a heated space to an unheated space—including the garage, attic, and basement. BBR’s door weather stripping kits are made of Q-Lon embedded and glued into a wood strip, which can be painted or stained to match the door jamb. Each kit contains one 37” piece and two 84” pieces that you can install with a few nails.


Repaint a room

Affordable paint from the Reuse Center at BBR will help you freshen up a room before holiday guests arrive and celebrations begin.

Empty your rain barrel

Before freezing temperatures arrive, empty your rain barrel and either bring it inside or turn it upside down.


The possessions we accumulate can be reminders of loved ones and fun experiences, but they can also create a hazard if they pile up and make it difficult to move around your home. Rather than having narrow paths, it’s better to have as wide a path as possible—for your own use, and also for someone else who might be alongside to help.

Decluttering is a do-it-yourself home improvement you can make for little or no cost, a little at a time, and without a building permit! Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Do you have more than one of an item? Keep what you need and donate or throw away the rest.
  • Have you used the item in the past year? If not, donate.
  • Does the item have sentimental value? If not, donate.