Show That You’re #BBRproud and You Could Win a Prize

Boston Building Resources customers, donors, and supporters are invited to show off their new kitchens, boast about their best bargains, document their donations, and more as part of a spring social media campaign, #BBRproud.

The campaign will run for six weeks, from May 8 through June 16, celebrating the pride of taking care of one’s home, reducing climate impact, and giving back to the community.

To enter, contestants should take a photo and post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #BBRproud and tagging or adding Boston Building Resources. The photos should include the contestant’s face and something from BBR: materials purchased, a visit to the store, or a company vehicle or display. For example:

Prizes will include a $50 gift certificate (one winner), $25 gift certificates (three winners), and multi-packs of energy-saving LED bulbs (10 winners). For each social media post, the participant’s name will be entered into the drawing. Multiple entries per person are encouraged.

Those who enter by June 2 could have their photo included in a video to be shown at the Boston Building Resources annual meeting on Tuesday, June 6.

Are you #BBRproud? Shout it loud!