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  • Ivy Rain Barrel

    Ivy rain barrel
    The Ivy rain barrel holds 50 gallons. Forest green barrel is made with 50% recycled HDPE plastic and includes all components needed to start harvesting rainwater. Locking lid, two overflow ports to allow you to link multiple barrels together, and screened inlet to keep out mosquitoes. Measures 42.5”H x 22” diameter. Made in the USA. (Item #623)

    Price: $96.99/$87.99

  • Moby Rain Barrel Moby rain barrel

    This whale of a rain barrel holds 65 gallons to keep your garden and other plants well hydrated. The brass 3/4” spigot easily connects to a standard garden hose. Childproof locking lid; two built-in overflow ports to direct water away from your foundation and to link additional barrels. Bug-proof screen keeps out mosquitoes and other pests. Measures 39” high, 29” in diameter. Lid comes off for nesting and storage. Made in USA. (Item #638)

    Price: $159.50/$145.00

  • Toto Toilets
    Toto toilet

    A large percentage of household water use - 27 percent - is for toilet flushing. Toto low-flow toilets use just 1.6 or 1.28 gallons. With the dual-flush toilet, choose 1.6 gallons or 0.9 gallons for maximum water (and cost) savings. Sizes are rough-in (the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the floor bolts). All come as two pieces: bowl and tank.

    > 10” Carusoe (1.6 GPF), round bowl, CST-703-10 (Item #761): $262.95/$224.37
    > 12” Carusoe (1.6 GPF), round bowl, CST-715 (Item #1327): $186.90$159.60
    > 14” Carusoe (1.6 GPF), round bowl, CST-703-14 (Item #769): $229.95/$206.95
    > 12” Carusoe (1.6 GPF), elongated bowl, CST-704-12 (Item #1264): $209.95/$178.46
    > 12" Drake (1.28 GPF), round bowl, CST-743-E (Item #645): $274.99/$234.99
    > 12" Drake (1.28 GPF), elongated bowl, CST-744-E (Item #648): $319.99/$289.99
    > 12” Aquia, dual flush, elongated bowl, CST-414-M (Item #1125): $439.95/395.95

  • Low-flow Showerhead 

    This easy-to-install showerhead uses 2 gallons of water per minute versus the hefty 6 gallons used by non-water-saving devices. (Item #744)

    Price: $7.49/6.37

  • Faucet Aerator

    Reduces water output by half. (Item #665)

    Price: $1.29/$1.09

  • Touch-Flow Faucet Aerator Touch-Flow aerator

    A fingertip control allows the user to temporarily halt the flow of water without having to readjust the temperature controls, making water saving effortless! (Item #1050)

    Price: $3.99/$3.39

Water-Saving Products

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