Boston Building Resources

Workshop: Wood Restoration with Epoxy

Have you spotted areas of wood rot around your house, but weren’t sure how to deal with them without undertaking a major construction project to replace the wood? Flex-Tec epoxy wood repair compound is perfect for repairing rot in windowsills, sashes, porch decking, column bases, wood gutters, or siding. It’s engineered to remain resilient and flexible so it can expand and contract with the surrounding wood to stand the test of time, has excellent bonding strength, will not slump or sag when applied to a vertical surface, and can be sanded, tooled, and painted. This hands-on workshop will include how to handle, apply, and shape this product for use in a variety of applications. Fees: Standard members $50, Plus members $35, general public $75. Instructor: Steve Gentile. To register: call 617-442-2262, ext. 1.

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