Boston Building Resources

Rental Items

To rent these items, you must be a member of Boston Building Resources. Call 617-442-2262, ext. 1, to check availability or to reserve.


ITEM Rental Fee (subject to sales tax) Refundable Deposit
Staple Gun
Used with 3/16” staples to install spring bronze and cushion bronze weather stripping. Staples (stainless steel and galvanized) are available for purchase.
$10 per day
$40 per week
Pipe Gauge
Used to measure pipes for fiberglass pipe insulation
Free $20
Die Grinder
Used to remove soft or rotten wood before repairing with epoxy
$10 per day
$40 per week
Epoxy Double Gun
Fits the double tube of Flex-Tec two-part epoxy
$5 per day $15
Vinyl Window Jamb Spreader
For making repairs to vinyl windows
$5 per day $150
Spiral Balance Tool
Adjusts the tension in windows with spiral balances
$5 per day $20


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